Algorithm March! with Ninjas!

This is a great video from the show Pythagoras Switch. Very interesting video.


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Website of the Month: YA Entertainment



YA entertainment is becoming one of the main companies helping to promote Korean dramas here in America. They have release numerous amounts of titles including:


Super Rookie

Inside the White Tower

The Snow Queen

Alone In Love

Their dvd box sets also includes english subtitles and special features. Besides Korean dramas, YA entertainment also provides packaging design and subtitling . They are doing an excellent job, and I hope that they do stick around in the long run. If you are looking for dvd box sets from YA entertainment here are some places that you can buy them:

For more infomation please visit their website:

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Someday’s Dreamers


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I am so sorry. I have not had the time to update the site. But, from time to time when I am not busy I will update as much as i can.

I was able to watch the Someday’s Dreamers Limited Edition boxset and it is amazing! At first, I thought that it was only 12 episodes that it was not going to be good. But after I began to watch it then I really started to like it. Yume Kikuchi is a mage. She has the ability to use magic on command. However, as much as she wants to become one of the greatest mages like her mother. She struggles with how magic would be able to help her to help people and the world around her. The only way for mage to use magic is through the process of training. Yume decides that the only way to improve her skills is to be trained in Tokyo. She leaves her family and ends up meeting Masami Oyamada, a shy yet reserved powerful mage who will aid her along the way. Will Yume be able to pass her final exam and become an official mage?

Someday’s Dreamers also known as Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto was created as a 13 part manga formed by Norie Yamada. The anime was made in 2003. In 2006 a spin-off manga entitled Someday’s Dreamers: Spellbound was released.

For more information, please visit the following sites:

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Genshiken Spinoff


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Attention all Genshiken Fans!!!!!!!

According to Anime News Network,  the Genshiken anime will have another story. Genshiken’s official website stated that game creator Kazutoshi Iida maker of such games  Doshin the Giant and  Aquanaut’s Holiday will be helping with the  publishing of this new novel. The original creator of Genshiken, Shimoku Kio designed the cover of the novel. The new chapter in the series will be coming out  January 23.

For more information please visit:

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The Ultimate Top 20 Best Anime Openings

I found this video to be very interesting. Besides the music of anime anime openings can make or break a anime. Here is video that I found on you tube of the ultimate top best anime openings:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

All Videos from:

Warning: Some of the anime openings due contain nudity, violence and some sexual content. Not intended for younger audiences.

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Square-Enix New Releases



According to RPGamer, Square-Enix has announced the new releases coming up for the Spring. One of the titles that I have been looking forward to is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates for the DS . As the second part of the Crystal Chronicles series Ring of Fates will also include single and multiplayer modes and Wi-fi options to play with other players. Ring of Fates will be out March 18, 2008. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII carries us into the world of the past. You play as Zack from the SOLDIER as he goes certain events that leads into the beginnings of Final Fantasy 7. The game will also feature remix music from the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack. Crisis Core will be released for the PSP on March 25, 2008. The final game is called The World Ends with You also known as Subarashiki Kono Sekai . This 2D RPG follows the story of a boy who has psychic talents. On his cell phone he sees a message he has to finish missions in order to live. The World Ends with You for the DS is at hope to be released Spring 2008.

For more information, please visit the following website:

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Vampire Anime List

When you think of vampires in anime we often think of Alcuard from Helling or Abel from Trinity Blood. Here is a list of interesting vampire anime:


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Continuing our Vampire list comes to the mystery vampire anime NightWalker. Originally based off of the PC game entitled Mayonaka no Tantei Night Walker created by TomBoy. The main story is covered by Shido, a vampire who wants to protect humans from monsters known as the nightbreed. Shido protects humans mainly due to the fact of the bad things he did to them in his dark vampire past. He also has to deal with the fact that he is not sure of his life when he was human. Nightwalker, although it is an older series still does a great job on storyline. Ever character plays important on how the series progresses along. There is graphic violence and some sexual content. I do not recommend this series for any one under 18. This series was intended for an older audience. Mystery, romance, and horror all come together in this series if you like vampires and want a short series to watch Nightwalker is for you.

For more Infomation on Nightwalker:

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Created by Yuna Kagesaki

Imagine if you were a vampire who instead of drinking blood from others you were a blood-producing vampire. Karin follows the story of a 16 year-old high school and her journey about becoming a full fledge vampire. Her family moved to Japan during the 21th century. Unlike her family, Karin is able to move out during the day. While she is school she meets Kenta Usui, a new student at her school and that is when things get interesting. I recommend the manga and anime to people over the age of 17 due to small references of sexual content. But overall, I recommend this anime to people who want drama, romance, and comedy all wrapped up into one.

For more infomation on this anime please visit:



Vampire Hunter D is also one of my personal favorites. It follows the story of a hunter named D who is half-human, half-vampire. The movie is done very well each sence is done with the upmost care. The first movie is based off of the first book in the manga series. Vampire Hunter D is one of the very first anime movie to be released outside of Japan. There was also a sequel entitled: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust If you like a combination of the romance of Trinity Blood and the non-stop action of Hellsing than this is the movie for you.


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Ask Urban Asian



Do you have any questions on Anime, Manga, TV, or anything on Asian Culture?

Please be free to e-mail me at: with your comments and questions.

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Comic Party Volume 2 Review



Kazuki loves to make doujinshi. His dream is to become the ultimate manga artist. But due to this passion, Kazuki finds himself drifting further and further away from his girlfriend, Mizuki Takase. The world of Anime and Manga is not only a fantasy for Kazuki. It is becoming his lifestyle and his losing his normal life from friends and family. ComiPa, a massive comic convention is being treatened to end the happiness of doujinshi. Kazuki decides to join Subaru, a girl who enjoys creating her own comics and mazazines. They create the team known as Comi Rangers. Will Kazuki step up to the plate in order to have a Comic Party?

At first, I thought that this manga werid. It’s manga about the manga industry in Japan. But then, as I continued to read it began to make more sense. It is the dream we all wish to have as fans of anime or manga. To go to conventions, have fun, and make comics. What really caught my eye about Comic Party is the nice use of Otaku terminology. There are a lot of jokes based on that lifestyle and their are jokes that remind me of other anime series such as Excel Saga. Volume 2 also does a great job of covering the daily life of how it it like to be in anime or manga club. The artwork is excellent, it really helps to set the mood. I do recommend this manga to people over the age of 13.

If you like series like Genshiken or Cosplay Complex you will love the crazy world of Comic Party!

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