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Comic Party Volume 2 Review



Kazuki loves to make doujinshi. His dream is to become the ultimate manga artist. But due to this passion, Kazuki finds himself drifting further and further away from his girlfriend, Mizuki Takase. The world of Anime and Manga is not only a fantasy for Kazuki. It is becoming his lifestyle and his losing his normal life from friends and family. ComiPa, a massive comic convention is being treatened to end the happiness of doujinshi. Kazuki decides to join Subaru, a girl who enjoys creating her own comics and mazazines. They create the team known as Comi Rangers. Will Kazuki step up to the plate in order to have a Comic Party?

At first, I thought that this manga werid. It’s manga about the manga industry in Japan. But then, as I continued to read it began to make more sense. It is the dream we all wish to have as fans of anime or manga. To go to conventions, have fun, and make comics. What really caught my eye about Comic Party is the nice use of Otaku terminology. There are a lot of jokes based on that lifestyle and their are jokes that remind me of other anime series such as Excel Saga. Volume 2 also does a great job of covering the daily life of how it it like to be in anime or manga club. The artwork is excellent, it really helps to set the mood. I do recommend this manga to people over the age of 13.

If you like series like Genshiken or Cosplay Complex you will love the crazy world of Comic Party!

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