Website of the Month: YA Entertainment



YA entertainment is becoming one of the main companies helping to promote Korean dramas here in America. They have release numerous amounts of titles including:


Super Rookie

Inside the White Tower

The Snow Queen

Alone In Love

Their dvd box sets also includes english subtitles and special features. Besides Korean dramas, YA entertainment also provides packaging design and subtitling . They are doing an excellent job, and I hope that they do stick around in the long run. If you are looking for dvd box sets from YA entertainment here are some places that you can buy them:

For more infomation please visit their website:


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Website of the Month: Weekly Anime Review


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There are so many anime podcasts out there. But, Weekly Anime Review has become one of my favorite anime podcasts. All of the reviews are done well in-depth, you are not only going to hear about the style of the anime but the reviewer will go into the storyline and also give an excellent educational background about each anime. Weekly Anime Review also gives you a chance to see if it is really worth buying that anime. Weekly goes into detail about topics such as dvd features, voice-acting, anime conventions, and other great anime-themed podcasts to listen to.

For more information about Weekly Anime Review please visit there website:

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